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Chris Bailey

Director of Animation and Hybrids

Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey is a Director with vast experience in both traditional and CG character animation. His career began as an animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation and grew into directing features, television series, shorts and theme park ride films. His first short film, RUNAWAY BRAIN, was nominated for an Academy Award.
Chris’ contributions as a Director on animated films, and as an Animation Supervisor on live-action/animation hybrids; covers all aspects of the process from storyboarding through post-production. On all of his films and series, Chris works on set with both above-the-line and below-the-line talent to ensure the best possible performance of the animated characters. In post, Chris supervises the final performance and the rendered look.
As a creator, Chris successfully wrote, directed and produced MAJOR DAMAGE, and then expanded MAJOR DAMAGE into publishing and merchandising.

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2D, 3D, and 3D stereo animated content for features, television, shorts, and special venue productions.

Demo 1
Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 2
Minion Mayhem
Minion Mayhem
Phil's Dance Party
Phils Dance Party

Visual Development

Storyboards, character design, animation and show development.

Animation Visual Development Gallery
Storyboard Visual Development Gallery

Original Content

TV, film, comics, short films, and merchandise.

Major Damage Short Film
Brando Bold Dev Art
Major Damage®
11-year-old Melvin is trick or treating on Halloween night as his favorite comic book hero, Major Damage; when he is abducted by aliens. They tag and release Melvin, but not before turning him into a real-life Major Damage. It might be fun if they didn't also populate the earth with the same mutants, monsters, and alien scum from the comic book to fight him.
Major Damage Short Film
Major Damage Dev Art
Major Damage Comic
Brando Bold
Young Brando Bold is embarrassed by his nerdy dad, Les Bold, who happens to be the leader and brains behind ACTION CENTAL, the organization behind all superhero activity on the Earth. Les would like Brando to follow in his footsteps as a manager, but Brando would rather work the other side of the glass in the field and steal the TIN MAN suit out for a joyride.
Brando Bold Dev Art

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