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Painting by Mike Meaker over Chris Bailey layout

About Chris

Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey is an Animator/Director/Showrunner with vast experience in both traditional and CG character animation. His career began as an animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation and grew into directing features, TV series, shorts and theme park ride films. His first short film, Runaway Brain, was nominated for an Academy Award.

As Animation Supervisor on live-action/animation hybrids, Chris contributes to all aspects of the process from storyboarding through post-production. Chris works closely with directors and visual effects studios to create the characters and to storyboard the shots. On set, Chris works with both above-the-line and below-the-line talent to ensure the best possible performance of the animated characters. In post, Chris supervises the performance of the characters to ensure their final, rendered look.

As a creator, Chris originated the superhero character Major Damage. He produced and directed a short film that won several film festival awards before expanding the content into comic book publishing and merchandising. Chris is now aging-up the characters and has two 2D animated  shorts in production.